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Amazon Prime is such a popular product, but does anyone who doesn’t use it really know that much about it? Because of this I decided to take a look at the Amazon Prime member cost to really see the value behind the product.

Amazon Prime launched more then 12 years ago in the U. S, and now millions of Americans are Prime Members. In April 2017, Amazon Prime members rose to 80 million, which consists of 64% of American households! In March 2015, there was only 40 million, so expect to see some bigger numbers for 2018.

Believe it or not, Prime members usually pay the entire year upfront, solidifying my reasons to look deeper into why people love it so much. However, Amazon’s very clear as to why they push it, as most Prime members spend more online then they ever have before as Prime Members.

The Millennial’s have really taken to the Amazon Prime craze, and in a study conducted, 79% of Millennial’s mentioned that they had purchased something from Amazon that very month.

Now, even more so, Amazon’s new partnership with Whole Foods has initiated 10% off hundreds of items within Whole Foods, allowing Prime members to take advantage of their membership offline as well as online.

So, with all of that being said, is the Amazon Prime member cost worth the benefits?

Join me in finding out!

Amazon Prime Member Cost – What Does It Give Me?

In this section I want to break down what exactly you get by being a member, and from there we can determine whether the Amazon Prime member cost is worth the hype.


Free shipping: As an Amazon Prime member you get some kind of special shipping on most products regardless, but some have better perks then Image result for shippingothers depending on if it’s sold from the Amazon warehouse and your location.

This includes:

  • Free 2-day shipping on eligible orders;
  • Free same-day and one day delivery on eligible items;
  • Free standard shipping on eligible items;
  • Discounted one day and same-day shipping where eligible;
  • No minimum purchase for shipping benefits.

Line skipping:

If something is being released, you can skip the lines and get it on the actual release day. So for example, if an item is being released on this Wednesday, they would actually send the product out earlier to ensure you received it on the same day it goes on sale to the public.


You get to enjoy a boatload of great entertainment and many Prime originals, as well as popular movies and TV shows all available to download and go on your IPhone, IPad, tablet or android device.

Image result for streaming

You can watch from anywhere on the web or within the Prime Video app on your phone, tablet or smart TV on up to 3 different devices. There is even a feature on the Prime app called X-ray, that you can use to identify actors, songs, explore actor bios and view trivia.

  • Music: Stream over 1 million songs, ad free and listen on any device. This includes Amazon echo with innovative Alexa vice controls as well as offline listening for your enjoyment.
  • Games: You have access to Twitch, which is the worlds leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts. Close to 10 million visitors gather to watch and talk about videos games, as well as another 2 million streamers. Hundreds of gamers play with Amazon Prime, as you receive free game loot every month including characters, vehicles and skins, as well as boosts for games like Hearthstone and Smite plus surprizes like a copy of streamline the day it launches!
  • Prime Originals: Amazon has tons of original movies and shows made and available to prime members.

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  • Deals: Special Prime member access to lightening deals on Amazon 30 minutes prior to other customers getting access.
  • Savings: As a Prime member, you get special deals such as 20% savings on diapers, and 15% on baby food when you get regular subscriptions arriving.
  • Shipping benefits: as mentioned above, while shopping you’ll have access to a variety of shipping methods to better suit your needs.

Image result for photo storageStorage:

  • Unlimited photo storage: Backup and share your photos with unlimited storage, as well as add your photos to the free app to see them on all devices.

Amazon Prime Member Cost – What Users Are Saying…

So, Amazon Prime won’t be for everyone. The digital age is upon us, this is for sure, hence why Amazon Prime is so popular. It allows for an easier way to shop online, and have everything you need for a good online experience at your finger tips.

However, if you don’t shop online much, and aren’t in the tech savvy age that the majority of the world is in, then maybe Amazon Prime Membership isn’t for you? But this isn’t a bad thing! This comment speaks wonders to this exact point:

But as Amazon grows it seems more and more people are disappointed with its efforts. See the next comment for instants:

Then they are some general bugs that people dislike about it overall:

A lot of what people are upset about is the mailing companies and their inability to deliver on time due to uncontrollable situations. But of course, Amazon is really putting their neck on the line with the shipping promises they have.

As Amazon Prime becomes larger, people begin to experience a lack in service, however, many still firmly believe it’s all about doing your research and picking the right products for your needs.

Some customers commented on the small increase in price on so called ” free shipping” items compared to retailers who are not offering free shipping on the same products. Is Amazon trying to make back the money spent on free shipping? And if so, shouldn’t they be transparent with us and let us know that?

Amazon Prime Member Cost – What Do I Think..

I do believe that as Amazon becomes bigger, and their Prime membership grows, they will have to work harder to adhere to the large promises they claim to live up to, mainly within their shipping options. People these days don’t have time for “mistakes” or “shipping errors” and the comments above prove the impatient times we live in.

Image result for amazon

I believe Amazon Prime has value, however, I don’t find much value personally. I watch most of my programming ( believe it or not) through regular cable and Netflix, so the Prime originals and videos mean little to me. I also pay to use Spotify monthly, which I am overly satisfied with on a regular basis, and find no need for free music streaming.


I purchase from Amazon maybe once every few months, but work full time in a retailer, so most of my shopping needs are right in front of me.

Because of these reasons, I feel the Amazon Prime member cost has no real value for me. However, this is my case and not everyone else. If you are the opposite of me, and would like many of these Amazon Prime perks at your fingers tips, then Amazon Prime member cost may be worthwhile for you.

Long story short, Amazon Prime is for a specific niche of people, and I just don’t happen to be a part of it!

Happy Shopping!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

Alanna Nelson