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The Fire TV stick! This ‘Amazon Choice’ product has become one of the most popular alternatives to smart televisions, and is Amazon’s top selling electronic. Because of this I’ve decided to write the fire TV stick review for people who are not always so tech savvy, looking to expand their TV watching experiences.

A lot of the fire TV stick reviews I see out there now are hard to read, riddled with big fancy tech words, and tell me a lot about the product that I had no clue even had to do with the product! So I’ve created a fire TV stick review that’s simple for everyone!

The fire TV stick review you are about to read will make sense, and let you know things such as the main features of the product, what the fire TV stick really is, and why everyone is so interested in it.

I’ll cover some basis such as:

  • What comes with the fire TV stick when you purchase;
  • What you’ll need to have at home to make it all work; and,
  • The SIMPLE specifications of the products like size and height.

My fire TV stick review will also cover what people really love about the product, and what could be desired from the product going forward. Of course, I’ll always make sure to throw my 2 cents into it at the end of the fire TV stick review.

Join me in this simple fire TV stick review!

Top 9 Main Points For The Fire TV Stick!

  • Much easier way to access Prime Video, Netflix, and over 4,000 apps and games;
  • You have full access to streaming internet with a wireless connection;
  • You can access websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit to name a few;
  • You can access browsers such as Silk and Firefox;
  • The Fire TV Stick comes with its own dedicated remote, as well as access to the remote via your smart phone;
  • Simple to use and streams content within minutes;
  • Includes a quad core processor and 8 GB of storage, as well as 1 GB of memory for apps and games;
  • Can play games through apps.

What Is The Fire TV Stick?!

Yes, you guessed it! The fire TV stick is a small stick! haha

It connects you to your HDTV through the HDTV connection on the back of your TV. Once connected, it gives you access to online entertainment and content. Anything you may have watched on your phone or laptop can now be translated to your big screen.

You have a world of content in your hand, and can watch movies, TV episodes and play games from the app store.

With the amazon fire TV stick you can stream content from Amazon Prime video if you have the subscription, as well as Netflix.

You’ll get full access to the internet, and have access to websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit with additional access to thousands of apps.

You can listen to music through it, enjoy sports highlights, watch the news, and play games that cost as little as $0.99.

Why Is Everyone Going Crazy For The Fire TV Stick?!

The main takeaway with the fire TV stick is its convienience. It gives the user so much freedom, regardless of where you are.

You can enjoy the fire TV stick anywhere in your house, room to room. As long as you have internet connection, you can use it when on the go and play it in places where you might not be at home, even if it requires web authorization (hotel).

Interface is available to users in quite a few different languages such as:

  • English;
  • French;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • Italian; and,
  • German.

It streams very clear content, up to 1080 HD and has Dolby audio, and enhanced volume levels via the HDMI hookup. This makes for a comfortable experience, almost as if you went out a bought a brand new smart TV!

What Does The Fire TV Stick Come with?

The package you receive after ordering the fire TV stick comes with the following:

  • The Fire TV Stick;
  • A Remote;
  • Power Adapter;
  • Two AAA batteries; and,
  • An HDMI extender cable.

What Do You Need To Have To Make The Fire TV Stick Work?

You almost literally need nothing to make the fire TV stick work, however, you do need the following:

  • An HD TV, not a smart TV; and,
  • High-speed internet.

That’s all you would need to order, and utilize the Fire TV stick at home or on the go.

Specifications – Is It Big?

The stick is actually very small and works well without you being able to see it hanging from your television.

The fire TV stick itself is only 30mm wide and 85.9mm long in length. It’s very discrete, and not at all obvious. It also comes in a black color, which most TV’s do anyway.

The remote is very small as well, being only 40.4mm wide, 119mm tall, and 13.8mm deep. The remote can also be replaced by the fire TV stick remote app, which a lot of user say is easier to use at it comes with a keyboard for typing and searching movies, episodes etc…

What People Love About The Fire TV Stick

So in order to understand how such a simple product could be so popular I had to look to the reviews.

I searched through almost all the reviews about the Amazon Fire TV Stick and was happy to see that many people loved the device. Out of 2693 reviews, only about 10% didn’t like the product, and that was for specific reasons that I’ll cover off later.

Overall, there was 76% of users who were over the moon about the product and rated it 4 stars or more. Their reasons were as such:

  • Easy to use or very user-friendly;
  • Great alternative for those who don’t have a smart TV or the money to purchase one;
  • Great addition to a multitude of Amazon Prime Services if you have them;
  • Voice search functionality with both remote and remote app was great and very responsive.

What The Other 10% Had To Say…

As I mentioned, and the reason why I will be giving the product a lower mark is as such:

  • Some people could do with more storage for apps and games;
  • The remote app feature is not as advertised as it could be, so some people were frustrated with the small simple remote design until they discovered the remote app. Some didn’t discover it before returning the product;
  • If you live in Canada … good luck. The compatibility is weak in Canada. For example, streaming services are not available and Alexia was not available to be used in sync with the Fire TV Stick in Canada only.
  • A lot of features including the voice functionality is only able to be used if you’re using Amazon products such as Amazon Prime. If you’re using any other platform on the first TV stick, you had to type to search. (The remote app comes in really handy for this lack of function).

Brooke’s Biggest Complaints About The Fire TV Stick…

So, I love the Amazon Fire TV Stick, don’t get me wrong. However, if I was to have some complaints about it, it would be the following few points.

When you watch a video or movie and stop half-way, or watch half a series and want to come back to where you left off you cannot. Unless!! It’s an amazon service such as amazon prime or Netflix.

So, if you’re watching an episode not on Netflix or Amazon, stop something half-way through? You have to fast-forward to the spot you stopped in, or search through all the episodes to get back to where you were the next time you come to watch it. The Fire TV Stick doesn’t save your spot! Craziness!

Where if its an amazon streaming service or Netflix, your spot is saved and displayed on the home screen.

My last complaint is this: Amazon, advertise your remote app!!! I feel that they may be losing a lot of people based on the fact that the TV remote is only built to accommodate Amazon related services. So if you’re using the web, and you need a keyboard, the app comes in handy as it provides you with that feature that the physical remote does not.

However, if you look anywhere on the Amazon website for their fire TV stick, they don’t advertise it? Weird… Although, even the remote app is limited to a few apps.

In addition, I live in Canada, so I face a lot of the challenges I mentioned earlier with regard to compatibility with Canadian services.

Brooke’s Biggest Take Away And Final Say..

I love the convienience of the device, and the ease of use. This is a great product for anyone not wishing to rush out a purchase a smart TV.

It’s a low budget way to get the same content and streaming abilities as a smart TV, and its very inexpensive to purchase.

Even if Amazon has some work to do, I think they are well within their ability to make this the number one streaming device.

I love that you can be traveling for business, and be able to put this small little stick into your bag, just to pull it out and click it in to your hotel TV and have the same streaming services you would at home.

Or even to a friends, where you can watch TV shows and movies together for that girls night out.

All in all, for how small it is, how easy it is to use, and how inexpensive it is, I can see why its Amazon’s Best Selling Electronic right now!

Thanks for reading the fire TV stick review, and don’t hesitate to leave any comments below!


Brooke Alanna

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